The Magnificent Memories Machine


Trapped on the other side of the digital divide, somewhere on the analogue shores, lies a chest, a treasure of memories trapped. Familiar people dancing, a flickering in the carnival procession, the yearning of nanna’s singing, a guitar out of tune, a moustached whisper from the other side.


The open reels, cassettes, photographs, vinyl and film, their bottled up promise of hidden gems and forgotten dreams, a collective memory waiting to guide and inspire new tides.


If we only could infuse the digital seas with our local cultural debris, we would cast our nets and with the precious catch assemble new worlds rooted in what once made us who we are.


Virtual shadow boxes of washed up debris, inspired by the first armchair voyager Joseph Cornell and William Gibson’s fragmented artist A.I. from the orbiting ‘Villa Straylight’.


The Magnificent Memory Machine, a device and a movement to collect, convert and make available fading memories that will provide a fertile collective context for present and future cyberspace navigators and storytellers.


“My songs are of time and distance…

They send me new things but I prefer old things…”


COUNT ZERO William Gibson






Magna Żmien is a project set up by a group of like-minded individuals with the aim of preserving and giving access to local content which was recorded on analogue, sound and image home collections. Central to the project is the reinterpretation and creative use of this digital content for artistic purposes.


Magna Żmien is:


Artistic Director

Andrew Alamango


Project manager

Nicole Blackman


Outreach & communications officer

Janelle Borg


Design, branding, machine concept & story developer

Andrej Vujicic


Web developer, content curator & narrative creator

Jimmy Grima @tinyislandstudio



Machine designer & creator

Matthew Pandolfino


Machine lights designers Andrew Schembri,Tony Gialanzé



Archivist & technical advisor

Andrew Pace


Archiving team

John Paul Azzopardi

Maria Muscat

Sarah Farrugia

Timothy Garrett

Letta Sthortyn